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Jonesville Animal Hospital is fully equipped with cutting-edge laboratory and imaging technologies. These valuable tools help us diagnose sick pets and screen healthy ones.

When your pet is sick, we may recommend blood testing, x-rays or an ultrasound to properly diagnose him or her.  These high-tech services are not only valuable for sick pets —they can also benefit healthy pets.  These technologies allow us to screen healthy animals for potential problems, such as heart disease or hip dysplasia.

We offer the following screening and diagnostic services:  

• Full in-house laboratory: We can provide immediate diagnostic blood work, including chemistries, CBC’s and screening tests for specific diseases.  We use an outside lab for additional diagnostic services.

X-rays: Our hospital is fully equipped with the latest digital X-ray technology to diagnose an illness or orthopedic problem.

• Ultrasounds: To ensure your pet receives the best possible treatment, we utilize the services of a skilled, board-certified radiologist to perform all of our in-house ultrasounds. This non-invasive technology uses sound waves to painlessly examine your pet’s internal organs.

• OFA and PennHIP x-rays: In addition to the traditional OFA hip x-rays, we also offer the PennHIP method of evaluating for hip dysplasia. Jonesville Animal Hospital's Dr. Vliet is PennHIP certified and uses this specialized procedure to evaluate puppies as young as 4 months old.

Contact us today to learn more about our high-tech screening and diagnostic services.