Jun 24

Summer Time Hazards

Heat stroke is one of the most common and dangerous summer time hazards for dogs and cats. Dogs and cats pant to control their body temperature. Panting helps them to move cool air into their bodies and exhale warm air, regulating their body temperature. They do not sweat like we...

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May 23

Tommy's Story

Debra had been seeing a sweet black and white cat in her neighborhood for about a month. He was friendly and hungry so she started feeding him and eventually gained his trust. She brought him to Jonesville Animal Hospital for a check up and the first thing we did, as always,...

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Mar 28

Blood Tests and the Healthy Pet

A complete preventative health care plan includes routine bloodwork which can detect health concerns before symptoms develop. Detecting early changes in bloodwork allows for the doctor to initiate treatment for a condition before the pet becomes sick. Early intervention can...

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Jan 31

Dental Disease - More Than Just Bad Breath!

Many people first become aware of their pet’s need for dental care when they notice that their pet has bad breath. Unfortunately, by the time the unpleasant mouth odor has been detected, there is already dental disease present. The bad odor we smell in our pet’s mouth results...

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Dec 29

New Year's Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, many of us ponder our choices for resolutions by reflecting on the changes we want to make. Though resolutions are often personal goals, perhaps you might want to broaden your scope to include your pets this year. Goals that you set for your pets can...

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