Is Your Current Flea Control Product Working For Your Pets?

Many of us live in Florida because we love the climate. So do fleas! Fleas thrive in our relatively warm winters and hot, humid summers. We may get a brief respite as the number of fleas diminishes during the cold months, but if we are lax in flea control during those months, we will face a potentially severe flea infestation come spring. Year-round, regular flea control for all pets in the household is essential in Florida. Even if your cat lives indoors only, but the dog goes outside, your cat should be using a flea control product.

The goal of flea control today is to limit the opportunity for the adult flea to bite your dog or cat, and prevent the spread of other life stages in the environment. Products on the market today are aimed at killing the adult flea that jumps on your pet as soon as possible. Some of them also sterilize the flea eggs as added protection against the development of a persistent environmental flea infestation. Flea control products are not repellents, so if there are fleas in your yard and house, on the paths you walk your dog, or at a doggy daycare, they will jump on your pet.

A liquid applied to a small area of the skin, or a simple chewable tablet are safe and effective ways to control fleas for up to a month. The topical products which distribute throughout the sebaceous glands in the skin are designed to kill the flea before it bites your pet. These products come in liquid, pre-packaged doses that are based on the weight of your pet. The oral products are dispersed systemically, and kill the flea when it takes a blood meal. These medications are usually flavored chewable tablets, also based on your pet's weight. Both approaches are effective if used consistently, every month, year-round on all dogs and cats in the household. The product recommended is based on the individual needs of each pet, as well as the needs of the household. Some pets are exposed to ticks, and need a product that includes tick protection as well. Some owners like the convenience of a combination product that includes heartworm prevention. Some pets will not readily eat the oral medication, and some pets do not like the application of topical products. There are many products available, and we can help you find the option that best works for your pets.

We are fortunate to have the technology to easily and safely control fleas on our pets. With good flea control we can eliminate or minimize a significant cause for allergies in dogs and cats. Even one flea bite can be devastating for a flea allergic pet. We are all familiar with the pet that licks, chews and scratches constantly, and has red skin with scabs and bleeding sores. Many of these individuals can be more comfortable if the exposure to fleas is controlled.

If you are using a product now and it doesn't seem to be working, please let us know. We can help you improve your flea control program. There are many options and new products available.

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