Holiday Hazards

Be careful how you deck your halls! Many of the things that make the holidays joyful, can be hazardous to your pets. By taking a few precautions, we can make this wonderful time of year a safe one for our pets.

Ribbons and Tinsel
They are especially attractive to cats and kittens, so it’s best to avoid its use or at least put the tinsel up higher on the tree.

Glass ornaments
Ornaments can be tempting play toys. Since they tend to be fragile and easily broken, place them up high and keep the non-breakable ornaments down low.

Electrical cords
Cords are a temptation to cats who like to play with string as well as puppies who like to chew. If your pet seems overly interested, try to tape cords so that they’re inaccessible.

If you are using a live Christmas tree, beware that additives to the water may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, if ingested. So be sure to cover the base of the tree with a tree skirt.


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