Dec 13

Traveling With Your Pet

The holidays are upon us and it's almost time for a well deserved vacation or weekend getaway! Trying to figure out if taking your pet on your getaway is possible? Here are some ideas and helpful hints if you decide to hit the road with your pet:

  • Be sure your pet has an i.d. tag...

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Jun 24

Summer Time Hazards

Heat stroke is one of the most common and dangerous summer time hazards for dogs and cats. Dogs and cats pant to control their body temperature. Panting helps them to move cool air into their bodies and exhale warm air, regulating their body temperature. They do not sweat like we...

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Dec 29

New Year's Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, many of us ponder our choices for resolutions by reflecting on the changes we want to make. Though resolutions are often personal goals, perhaps you might want to broaden your scope to include your pets this year. Goals that you set for your pets can...

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Dec 8

Holiday Hazards

Be careful how you deck your halls! Many of the things that make the holidays joyful, can be hazardous to your pets. By taking a few precautions, we can make this wonderful time of year a safe one for our pets.

Ribbons and Tinsel
They are especially attractive to cats and kittens,...

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