Sep 24

Food Allergies

You probably know someone with a food allergy. Food allergies in people are not uncommon. Reactions can vary from mild to life-threatening, and can affect us in many different ways. Dogs and cats are susceptible to food allergies too. Signs of a food allergy in your pet may include...

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Jun 23

How Do You Choose the Best Food For Your Pet?

We all love our pets and want to do all we can to help them live healthy and happy lives. Good nutrition is key to good health. But how do we choose the best pet food? The pet food industry is a 17 billion dollar a year business, so everyone, including celebrities, chefs and dog...

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Feb 12

Nutrition and Your Pet

With so many choices of pet food at the supermarkets and pet stores, it can be very difficult to determine which diet is best for your pet. Information from friends, salespeople, and the internet can often make things even more confusing. Often, the best person to consult is your...

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