Jan 29

Getting Your Dog Ready For the New Baby

Many pet owners consider their four-legged friend to be their first "baby." However, there may come a day when a new bundle of joy enters the household in the form of a human baby and your canine babies have to assume their new sibling roles. The addition of a child into the...

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Jul 25

Clicker Train Your Dog or Cat. It's Easy and Fun!

You can teach your cat to high five or jump through a hoop. Your dog can dance or play dead. Clicker training is fast and easy. And once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless. 

The clicker is a small handheld device that can deliver a loud, sharp, easily identified...

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Sep 8

An Active Cat is a Happy Cat

Keeping our cats active and stimulated is critical to their health and happiness. Boredom and inactivity can lead to stress, often resulting in excessive grooming, inappropriate urination, and aggressive or destructive behaviors. However, we want our cats to live indoors where they...

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Apr 14

When the Calm Before the Storm Turns To Panic

To many of us, a rainy day is an excuse to relax and curl up with a good book. Unfortunately for many dogs, it's a trigger for sheer panic. The development of signs of anxiety in response to stormy weather is often referred to as Thunderstorm Anxiety. Even before the sound of...

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Aug 26

Crate Training

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time! As you welcome your new family member, you may also find that you have questions about caring for it. Proper nutrition, housebreaking techniques and parasite management are all issues that you'll need to address. But don't worry, we are here...

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